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How it works

How is AppLocale better at managing translations?

No complicated workflows

Getting up and running is as easy as creating an account, adding a project and then importing your existing translations, or adding new if you don't have any. From there you can invite collaborators, add new languages and more.

Introducing Auto-Suggestion

Simply fill out the translation for your 'primary language', and then when you visit any other language for that translation key, you can select Prefill Translation to get a suggested value.

  • Prefill Translations uses Google Translate

    Under the hood we use Google Translate to provide a suggested translation for your application. While these aren't perfect they can often be a great starting place for you to modify from.

prefilling translations are easy with AppLocale

Additional collaborators are always free

Gone are the days of having to pay crazy pricing per seats. You are free to invite as many users as you'd like to help manage your translations.

Inviting additional users is always free.

Export your translations

Exporting your translations is easy, just head over to your Project Dashboard and click Export Zip. You'll download a zip and then you can copy the files into your project.

export your new locales by pressing export zip

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